Experience the rich culture of the people of Accra. It is an opportunity to get to know the various historical centres and participate in the daily lives and experiences of the local people. Experience the true meaning of Tourism by visiting some major sites and places in Accra. A historical background in each of these […]

One People Travel is offering a new service to its customers. In OPT offices it is possible to book the flight tickets for the main destination around the world. IATA code used for the confirmation of the tickets will guarantee the professional work of the company for every kind of offers: national, international, intercontinental flights […]

One People Travels extended its business in Oman. The coordinator OPT in Saudi Arabia (already operative in Bahrain and Kuwait too), has reached an agreement to guarantee journay’s experience in Italy for groups and individuals coming from Oman. For this reason specific programs were planned on the expectations of Omani custumers. OPT thanks the new […]

On 13th July 2017, One People Travels become a partner of Saudia Arabian Airelines, a company that offers its services to 30 million people every year. 80% of these travellers are pilgrims directed to Makkah and Medinah. The company gives to work to 14.000 employees in 84 destination, with 136 flights per day, and pays […]

Il pellegrinaggio non ha confini Dettagli Scritto da Marina Cioccoloni Pubblicato: 30 Maggio 2017 Il pellegrinaggio non ha confini e ci accumuna anche in altre culture. Lo ha dichiarato il Prof. Caesar Atuire, ex AD dell’Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi, durante il convegno di presentazione delle offerte e dei nuovi itinerari turistico-religiosi della One People Travels alla […]

10 REASONS WHY EVERY CATHOLIC SHOULD GO ON A PILGRIMAGE TO THE HOLY LAND   The practice of pilgrimage is common to all the major religions of the world. Buddhists flock to Bodh Gaya in the Indian State of Bihar. All able bodied Muslims, who can afford to, are required to carry out a pilgrimage to Mecca. […]

Da oggi siamo adulti.  Non abbiamo più stelle davanti.  La solitudine del senza guide.  Solo Dio rimane.

Accra, 21th by H.E. Sharon Bar-li, the Ambassador of Israel Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Hon. Elizabeth Ofosu-Agyare; Religious leaders; Members of the media; Distinguished Guests, ladies and Gentlemen; All protocol observed Good morning. It is my honor and pleasure to be your guest here today and take part in the official launching […]

Pilgrimage, a journey in search of God is perhaps one of the oldest forms of travel. It is an experience that cuts across all religions and has been practiced for centuries. Believers feel the need to visit, see, touch and experience the roots of their faith. In Islam, pilgrimage is one of the five pillars […]


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