Our Vision

CatturaA journey is a mosaic that is made up of many pieces that come together to produce a memorable experience. An experience that touches our senses, our emotions and our minds. These experiences when lived in a profound way become part of our memory and influence our way of being.

One People: We promote a global culture by bringing together people from different backgrounds to learn the grammar of living and dialoguing in an effort to become One People.

Development and cooperation: Tourism can be an instrument of development for people. It creates jobs and can even better the lives of the local communities. However, this has to be done in a such a way that there is balance that avoids a one sided relationship where the tourists simply take advantage of the local beauties without paying attention to the well being of persons and the environment. On the other hand, there is also the risk of the local community simply looking at the tourist not as a person but as a source of making money. Hence we select services and suppliers that are involved in their communities and are respectful of the environment.

Solidarity: One People Travels returns part of the profits made to projects in the fields of education and health for those most in need in our communities.