Terms and conditions

a. Details Published on August 21, 2013 by One People Travels, Accra, Ghana

b. Exchange rate
Our tours are based on exchange rate, transportation costs, and airport taxes applicable at time of publishing. Prices of our tours are subject to change due to the exchange rates variations. Prices will not change when the exchange rate variation is less than the 3% of the total price.
c. Costs of charter flights
For those programs that include charter flight, prices shown on this web site are based on the average parameters related to the fuel at time of publishing.
d. Name of the airline
The names of the airlines are shown on the web site or on tailor made proposals and will be specified on the written confirmation and also on the travel documents. Any changes will be communicated promptly in writing.
e. Deposit
At time of reservation, a non-refundable deposit of $ 50.00 is required. Within the expiration of the option on flights and hotels reservation, a deposit of 25% of the total amount is required. The Balance will be due within 60 days before departure, unless otherwise indicated by the services providers (eg. hotels, on-site services, issuance of air tickets), which may require payment in advance. Payments must be made in cash at One People Travels office, by wire transfer or online by credit card (the owner of the credit card must be the traveler).

f. Changes fees
After the confirmation of services by One People Travels, any changes will incur a fee of $50.00.

g. Replacements
Change of name of participant who has to cancel his participation to the pilgrimage or tour or could not be accepted by one of the services provider. In this case, One People Travels won’t be responsible for nonacceptance by the providers and a written communication will be sent promptly to the clients.

h. Cancellation policy
Voluntary cancellations will incur the following cancellation fees, depending on the number of days before the date of departure of the pilgrimage or the trip, not counting public holidays, the day of departure and the day on which the notice of cancellation is given:

• Within 61 days before departure, registration fee will be charged;

• Between 60 and 30 days before departure, registration fee and the total amount of the deposit will be charged;

• Between 29 and 20 days of departure, registration fee and a 30% of the total amount of the pilgrimage or the trip will be charged;

• Between 19 and 10 days before departure, registration form and a 50% of the total amount of the pilgrimage or the trip will be charged;

• Between 9 and 6 days before departure, registration form and a 75% of the total amount of the pilgrimage or the trip will be charged;

• A 100% penalty will be charged for cancelling the participation from the 5th day before departure or to interruption of the pilgrimage or the trip already started, also if the lack, inaccuracy or incompleteness of the provided identity documents or for recurrence or personal impediments for foreign travel. The premium of the insurance coverage will be always charged, as non-refundable. Please note that some services may incur different penalties other than those listed above; additional information will be communicated at time of booking confirmation.

i. Cancellation policy of a single service
Cancellation of a single service incurs a penalty that is the same that will be charged to One People Travels by the services providers in addition to the registration fee and the premium for the insurance coverage.

j. Insurance coverage
To participate to a One People Travels’ pilgrimage or trip, the consumer must stipulate an insurance to cover the cancellation fees, medical expenses, theft and damage of the baggage, anticipate repatriation due to accidents or diseases of the clients or one of his parents.

k. Registration fee
The registration fee is a handling fee that covers the costs of correspondence, telephone, shipping of the travel documents and administrative management of the reservation.

l. Local purchases
One People Travels is not responsible for the excursions and services locally purchased by the client and not included in the price of the pilgrimage/trip, even if described on this web site.

m. Official information on foreign countries
Official information on foreign countries (eg. safe situation and necessary entry documents) is available on the web site of the Ministry of Tourism or Foreign Affairs of the country where the client is going to. As such information is subject to constant changes and updates, the client will consult these sources before purchasing the travel package. Also, the client is responsible for any missing required vaccination or for travel documents expired or not recognized as valid by the country his intends to visit.